How The NFL’s Price Tag Is Making the NFL’s Ticket Sales Harder

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With the NFL season now just over three weeks away, the NFL is trying to make its ticket sales even harder than they already are.

According to a new report from Forbes, the league is increasing the prices of its home games, adding more and more tickets to a game’s price list.

The league’s ticket sales have been so tough over the past two years that they have actually dropped in the face of increasing competition from online ticket brokers, according to Forbes.

In fact, in 2016, the average price for a single game in the NFL was $2,879, a 40 percent increase from 2015.

This year, that figure has jumped to $3,094.

The NFL is not alone in the league’s pricing escalation.

In 2017, the price of a home game rose by 50 percent, according a new analysis from Grantland.

In 2018, it jumped to 71 percent.

In 2019, it spiked to 87 percent.

And in 2020, it rose to 96 percent.

This is a huge price increase, according Forbes, as the average ticket price in the first quarter of 2019 was $7,890, up from $6,908 a year earlier.

But the increase isn’t the only thing the NFL has done.

Last year, it cut the average seating capacity of a game to 70, which meant that seats on the lower level of the stadium are not available for every home game.

But this year, the game will go up even more, according Toon Report, the website for the team that owns the Kansas City Chiefs.

The average capacity for a Chiefs home game this year will be 72, according the site.

The team also cut its average seating number from 78 to 70.

And while some people are complaining that the Chiefs don’t have enough fans to fill the seats, this is not the case.

The Chiefs have sold out more than 60 percent of their games since 2014, according ESPN.

This season, they have sold over 1.3 million tickets.

Last season, the Chiefs sold just under 1.4 million tickets, which was the second highest selling season in the team’s history.

According Toon, the team is aiming for the same attendance levels it did last season.

“The Chiefs have set a new benchmark for attendance, and that is a record,” the site wrote.

“We know that the fan base is there.

They are there in droves, and they are buying season tickets to see their team play.”

For the average home game, which is the most expensive in the NBA, the new price increases of 70 percent and 100 percent are actually lower than the price increases in 2017, when the average was $1,721 and $2.14, respectively.

However, this increase does not apply to the games in the Super Bowl, which are not as expensive as the NFL home games.

In the Super of 2018, the home price for the Super bowl was $639.

Last night’s Super Bowl is expected to sell out in a record number, according CBS Sports.

The number of people who will attend the game is expected at over 11 million, according The New York Times.

In a statement to Forbes, The NFL said it is looking at ways to make the games more affordable and that “we have made some changes that will help us sell more tickets.”

However, the increase in prices does not include other prices like the NFL Ticket Exchange, which lets fans trade in their tickets for other NFL tickets.

In order to keep the NFL games in high demand, the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has tried to raise ticket prices on a daily basis.

“It’s a problem we have in sports right now, and it’s not going to get any easier,” Forbes wrote.

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