When You Kill Your Daughter: The Killington Lift Tickets


Killington, New York (CNN) — A woman is recovering from her injuries after her sister accidentally shot her while they were playing the Killington lift at a New York City bowling alley.

The shooting happened Monday evening at a bowling alley near Times Square.

The shooter was identified as 28-year-old Darlene A. Lutz.

Her sister, 32-year, was injured, police said.

Police are looking for the suspect, who fled the scene.

Lutz and her sister were playing a game of bowling with friends in the parking lot of a bowling hall.

They were playing when the shooting happened.

Liz was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The shooting happened near the bowling alley, police told CNN affiliate WNBC.

The motive for the shooting remains unclear.

No arrests have been made.