A photo-op with the Miami Dolphins has inspired a viral video

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An Irishman from New York was among those to catch a glimpse of the Miami Dolphin in action at Marlins Park on Sunday.

The picture that caught the eye of @miamidolphins fan @joshwesleyjohns took off after he tweeted the picture of himself with Dolphins star wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

But he wasn’t alone.

Several other fans, including those in Florida and Australia, snapped the video and shared it on social media.

Some Twitter users took to the hashtag #JosiahDolphins to call out the player for his poor performance, while others mocked the Dolphins owner for having him there to cheer on the team.

“You’re an idiot for doing this,” wrote @davidmikey.

“It’s about time someone made an apology for the disrespect.”

In the meantime, Johnston tweeted that he would be back at Marlins to watch the Dolphins on Sunday night.

“I can’t wait to see what they have planned,” he wrote.

“The only thing I’ll miss is watching my team win.”

The Miami Dolphins played the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday in the second half of their regular season finale at Marlins Stadium.

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