Two-day Adventureland tickets, Disney Infinity 2.0 and the new Disney-branded ride tickets, available for pre-order


Disney is set to release a limited number of Disney Infinity themed pre-orders in the coming days.

The company has been teasing the Disney Infinity-themed pre-ordering options for months and is offering up an assortment of Disney-themed tickets to get the ball rolling.

The pre-registration process is similar to that of the Disney Parks app, where you can pre-register online for a single day and then you can register for the full day.

You can also register for a limited amount of Disney Disney Infinity tickets, and each ticket has a different pre-purchase value.

A limited number will be available for sale on from October 21 to December 7, and a full number will launch on December 12.

Each ticket will be $19.99, with a $1.49 activation fee added.

Disney’s parks and resorts will be offering Disney Infinity, and the Disney Store will also be selling Disney Infinity products.

Disney Infinity 2, Disney’s first foray into virtual reality, was launched in May this year, with players able to play with the new game’s characters and explore the parks and lands from their smartphones.

In June, Disney announced the new versions of the game’s mobile apps, which are available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 10 PCs.