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The Powerball jackpot has increased to $4 billion, the largest ever.

But what’s the deal with Redondo, LA?

Here’s what you need to know about the $5 billion Powerball.1.

Redondo is in Los Angeles, not New York City.2.

There are no winners yet.

Three winners have already been announced: The winning team will win $4.5 billion, and the loser will take home $2.6 billion.

Three losers have been announced so far: $2 billion.3.

The winning ticket will be $3,000.4.

Red-eye tickets are only available at Redondo Beach.5.

There will be a total of six million Redondo tickets.6.

There’s a $50 million limit on the number of tickets sold.7.

Tickets sold will be split equally among all residents of Redondo.8.

The jackpot will go to whichever team wins the biggest amount of tickets.9.

The Power is a real thing.

The prize is not just a coin or a ball.

The winner will receive $2 million.10.

Redmond’s population is about 1.4 million.

The Redondo Weekly will be back Monday, Aug. 26 at 6 p.m.

ET with more details.

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