Why you should buy the new Disney Parks app when you can now order tickets from the company via app, instead of a printable receipt


You can now download and print Disney Parks tickets, instead the old paper receipts, and order them in-person from the Walt Disney World App.

The company just rolled out the feature to its iOS and Android apps, which are currently available only for those who own a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The app allows you to select a ticket to go to the park, and then use the QR code in the ticket to scan the digital ticket to the Disney Parks App, which then sends you a printed receipt.

That’s all done by simply scanning a QR code on the back of the ticket, or using the app’s “tap and go” function.

The new ticket can be scanned by your smartphone’s camera, and you’ll also be able to order the tickets in-store for your friends and family via Apple Pay or Google Wallet, respectively.

This is a massive update for the apps, as the first major update to the apps was iOS 9, which introduced the ability to scan tickets on a smartphone or tablet.

But now that iOS 10 has been released, you can download and install the apps on both iPhones and iPads for a massive overhaul.

There’s also a new Apple Watch app available, and a new way to order tickets.

But for now, the most obvious change in the app is the addition of the new printable receipts option, which will allow you to print out tickets at home and deliver them to the parks.

While the tickets look similar to those in the old receipts, the new ticket app is a huge step forward.

When the paper receipts were introduced in the past, the app simply sent you the printed receipt, and that process was slow, cumbersome, and annoying.

This was especially true for people who needed to order large quantities of tickets, as it took a couple of tries to get the ticket scanned on the app.

But the new system has made that process faster, easier, and more user-friendly, and now you can just scan the tickets directly on your smartphone or iPad.

There are a few caveats here, though.

For one, the tickets will be printed at a higher resolution than the paper ones.

Also, the printing process can be a bit time-consuming, as there are some slight adjustments to the system that will require a couple more tries.

If you’re planning to order a large quantity of tickets from Walt Disney Parks, though, it’s worth it for the new printed receipts feature.