Which of the Florida zoo’s ticket prices is the most expensive?


Florida’s $8,000 zoo admission has been the most popular among visitors this summer, according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The department said on its website that the zoo admission is the least expensive in the state.

The zoo has the highest number of people per day, with around 6,000 people per hour.

The admission includes a parking pass.

Zoo attendance rose by almost a third last year.

Florida zoo admission, The zoo admission includes the park entrance, which costs $7, a $2 ticket fee, parking passes for $2.50, and a $20 souvenir ticket.

The $20 ticket includes two drink tickets for $1 and a complimentary snack and lunch.

The park entrance is free, but the admission includes $4 parking and a food buffet, as well as $2 for a souvenir admission ticket.

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