What you need to know about dallas metro ticket prices


A new dallas Metro Ticket is available for purchase and will be available on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2017 at 11 a.m.


The Metro Ticket will be valid for 2 months and has an option to renew for a maximum of 12 months.

The ticket can be purchased online, in person at the Dallas Metro Ticket Office, or at the Metro Ticket counter at the Ticket Center.

The new ticket will be a single-ride Metro Pass for Metroplex stations.

The price is $85.25.

If you already have a MetroPass, you will receive a Metro Pass Plus which entitles you to unlimited rides on Metroplex trains, MetroBus and MetroLink buses.

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The dallas area has had an incredible year.

It was an incredible start to the new year with a record-breaking population of nearly 7.2 million.

We will continue to work together to build a stronger economy and better lives for our citizens and their families.

This year, the Dallas metro region had more homicides than any other metro area in the country.

This was followed by the largest number of reported sexual assaults in our nation’s history, and now we’re also facing another record-setting year.

There are a lot of positives to take from all of this, and the new daso metro ticket will help ease your pain.

What are the dallas subway fares?

Metroplex Express: $85 fare.

A free transfer to the Orange Line to get to the Metroplex.

Metrobus: $20 fare.

The first MetroBus trip between Metroplex and the Orange line will cost you $30, the Orange/Metroplex Line transfer will cost $15.

MetroLink: $15 fare.

There is a free transfer from Metroplex to the Yellow Line.

The Orange/Yellow Line transfer is a short bus ride from the Orange Station to the Green Line.

Blue Line: $25 fare.

This will be your last chance to use a MetroLink bus to reach the Blue Line Station.

Orange/Blue Line transfer: $10 fare.

If the Orange Metropass expires before your next MetroPass expires, you can transfer your Orange MetroPass to a Blue MetroPass for a cost of $10.

Red Line: Free.

Red/Blue transfers are a single ride between the Orange and Orange/Orange lines.

Yellow Line: 20% discount for new riders.

The Yellow MetroPass is a one-time $10 purchase that is valid for one day only.

The Red/Yellow Transfer is a transfer from the Yellow to Orange/Red lines.

MetroBus: 10% discount.

The Blue MetroBus transfer is valid on the Orange, Blue and Orange MetroLine.

Red MetroBus Transfer: $7 discount.

If your Orange/Green MetroPass has not expired, you may transfer it to a Red/Red transfer.

Orange Metro Bus Transfer: 20.7% discount on new and returning MetroPasses.

Yellow/Orange MetroBus/Red MetroBus transfers are one-way transfers.

Red & Blue Metro Bus transfers are two-way.

Yellow & Blue Transfer: 25% discount per ticket.

MetroRail: 20 cents fare.

All of the MetroRail stations are accessible to all modes of travel.

MetroCard: $5.50 fare.

Metrocard is available at all MetroLink stations.

It can be used at any of the following stations: Orange/Silver Line, Orange/Pink Line, Red/Orange Line, Blue/Blue/Red Line, Yellow/Yellow, Orange, Orange & Blue.

Yellow MetroCard + Yellow Line Transfer: 10 cents fare for the first time.

Red, Orange and Blue Metrocards are valid on all MetroLine platforms.

Red Card + Blue MetroCard Transfer: 5 cents fare per trip.

Red and Blue transfers are valid at any MetroLink station.

Yellow Card + Yellow Metro Card Transfer: 1 cent fare per ride.

Yellow Cards can be redeemed for unlimited MetroLink rides on all metroplex trains and buses.

Yellow, Orange Cards & Blue Cards: 15 cents each.

Yellow cards & Blue cards can be redeem for unlimited Blue Line, Purple Line, Silver Line, Green Line, Gold Line, and Orange Line rides on Blue and Purple Line trains and Bus.

Green Cards & Orange Cards: 1.5 cents each for unlimited Yellow Line, Light Blue and Red Line rides.

Green cards & Orange cards can also be redeemed to use at all Orange Line, Pink Line, Black Line, or Orange & Purple Line stations.

Blue Cards & Green Cards: 2.5 cent each for all Blue Line rides and Purple & Orange Line trips.

Blue & Orange Card transfers are for one ride per trip on Blue Line and Orange & Black Line trains.

Blue Card & Green Card transfers can be made to any of MetroLink’s stations.

Orange Cards + Blue Cards transfers are the same as Blue Cards.

Purple Cards + Orange Cards transfers can also used at Orange & Orange

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