Disney’s ‘Frozen’ tickets to be $150 at Disneyland park


Disney’s latest attraction, “Frozen” tickets will cost $150 starting March 11 at Disneyland Park, according to a company spokesman.

Disneyland Resort spokesman Michael Gerson confirmed the price increase in an email to ABC News on Wednesday.

The new price is based on the ticket price of $39.99 for adults and $49.99 at the Family Ticket Booth for children and seniors, Gerson said.

“The price change reflects the addition of some exciting new experiences,” he said.

“We want guests to enjoy the most thrilling and thrilling rides and attractions at Disneyland Resort, but we also want to ensure guests have the most value for their money.”

Gerson also noted that guests who purchase tickets before March 11 will be eligible for a $10 gift card.

Gerson said that the price change was part of Disney’s strategy to “balance the value of the tickets with the value and convenience of a day pass.”

Giant-scale rides, such as “The Haunted Mansion,” will be available for purchase starting March 17 at Disney California Adventure Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Resort.

The price of “Frodo and Friends” will be $149.99 on March 11.

The price will be subject to change based on market conditions, Gson said.

Disney’s “Fantasmic!” rides, which will be on sale March 11, will also be $49 and will be priced at $149, G.S.G.

Genson also said that Disney Parks has been in discussions with the Walt Disney Co. about offering Disney California Resort’s “Giant Adventure” rides, as well as other Disney properties.

“Fantasyland,” which opened at Disneyland in November 2014, is currently the largest ride in Disney Parks.

The “Fancy Fools Adventure” at Disney Springs will also open March 11 as part of the Giant-scale ride, but it will be open on a one-day only basis starting March 12.

“This price change is in line with the changes we have made at the Disneyland Resort in the past few years,” Gerson wrote in an emailed statement.

“As part of our efforts to provide a better experience for our guests, we are increasing our price on some of our most popular attractions.”

Gravity Falls has not changed prices in the last six years, Genson said.

The company said in February that it was “reviewing all options” for a price increase.

The pricing changes follow similar price increases announced by other parks.

In March, the price of a Disneyland park park ticket rose by more than $30.

The cost of a Disney park ticket has remained roughly flat since 2016, when the cost of admission rose by $2 to $59.50.