‘Astros’ fans pay huge price for tickets to World Series of Poker


Fans in the US will soon be able to buy tickets to the World Series Of Poker at the Astrodome.

Ticketmaster announced Monday that its new ticketing system will be used for the first time at the AstroTurf Dome in Dallas, the world’s first professional poker event, beginning with the Astros.

Fans will be able purchase tickets at Astrodomes starting Tuesday, June 9, 2018.

“Astros fans in the United States have come a long way in the past decade,” said Tim McIlrath, chief executive officer of Ticketmaster.

“The Astrodoms ticketing and promotion platform has been a tremendous success for us.

We are thrilled to bring the world of poker to our fans.”

Ticketmaster’s poker-focused system will allow the AstroDome’s 300,000 fans to buy a limited number of AstroTickets that can be used to buy Astros tickets online, on the phone, in-person, at the stadium, at ATMs and at the hotel bar.

“We will be rolling out additional AstroTickets and other ticketing features to more seats in the future,” said Chris Mascarenhas, vice president of corporate communications at Ticketmaster, in a statement.

The new system will only work for US residents 18 and older, and the AstroTickets must be redeemed by the person purchasing them.

Ticket holders will be eligible to purchase the Astro tickets for an average price of $199.99, and $99.99 for a limited time, or $139.99 and $109.99 per day.

Ticket purchasers will also have access to special Astros-specific perks.

“Our customers love the AstroTicket experience, and we are excited to give them a way to enjoy the Astrotickets in the comfort of their own home,” McIrrath said.

The Astroticket system will offer a “fancy, convenient way to buy AstroTickets online,” McInnis said.

Ticket buyers will also be able access special AstroTickets on mobile devices and at select Astrodomain locations.

For example, customers can purchase tickets on mobile phones and iPads, and access the Astro Tickets from the stadium and hotels bar.

The AstroTickets are a new way for fans to purchase tickets, and will allow them to purchase up to four AstroTickets for $99 or four AstroTickets for $139 per day, McInnes said.

AstroTickets will be available in-store from June 11 through the end of the month, and online at ticketmaster,, and Ticketmaster mobile app.

Astro Tickets are also available through ticketmaster’s online store.

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