Why the lottery ticket for the 2016 NBA draft was an easy pick for the ‘Celtics’

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Boston Celtics lottery ticket sales are going crazy, with the NBA ticketing industry in a frenzy over the lottery.

This year, the Celtics have had to pay out $8.9 million in lottery tickets, more than any other team in the NBA, according to the Associated Press.

And with the ticket market still reeling from last year’s lottery, this year’s ticket sales have been incredible.

The NBA has a lottery this year for a second consecutive year, and the lottery has been going strong.

But it doesn’t take a genius to see that the odds of winning are astronomical, especially for the Celtics.

In fact, with just 10 players drafted, only five teams in the entire NBA have won the lottery so far, according a Bovada Sportsbook report.

Here are the odds for the lottery winners in the past three years: 2012: 2.0% 2012: 5.3% 2013: 8.4% 2013-14: 12.9% 2014: 12% 2014-15: 20.0%, according to Bovina Sportsbook.

The average payout for winning a lottery ticket is $3,500, which is more than double the average payout in the NFL.

The lottery’s biggest winners are the Miami Heat ($9.4 million), Golden State Warriors ($8.7 million), and Los Angeles Clippers ($5.3 million).

The biggest losers are the Dallas Mavericks ($1.8 million), Charlotte Hornets ($1 million), Washington Wizards ($1,500), Detroit Pistons ($1k), New Orleans Pelicans ($1K), Oklahoma City Thunder ($1M), New York Knicks ($1-million), and Orlando Magic ($1million).

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