MLB has unveiled a new ticketed series for the playoffs


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Now Playing.: How the Super Bowl will affect the NBA’s playoff picture Now Playing., a Los Angeles-based social media company that specializes in ticketing, has teamed up with NBA team ticket brokers to create a series of tickets that are priced to sell.

“The goal is to bring new fans into the sport and to build new relationships,” said John Fong, chief executive of ticketing and marketing at MLB Advanced Media, which is part of Time Warner.

“We want to encourage people to go to the games, not just because of the excitement and the money, but because it’s the best value, and that’s the only way we’re going to have that.”

“We’re bringing these incredible tickets to the market that are the best values in the world,” Fong said.

The series of ticket packages are available for sale through and StubHub.

The tickets will include premium seats and premium concessions such as beer and wine.

“I don’t think anyone will be able to take these prices and beat them,” Fang said.

“We think it’s going to bring in more people, which will ultimately help the league and the team.

It’s going, ‘Who are you going to get here?

You’re going be here for life.'”

The MLB Advanced Team will not be selling premium seats.

Instead, it will be offering premium, lower-priced tickets for fans who buy their tickets online or by phone.

The premium seats will be priced at $3,000, and the lower-price tickets at $1,000.

The lower-ticket pricing includes a one-time payment of $50 to the team for every game they are sold out.

The MLB team is also selling its home team merchandise, including t-shirts and hats, in the upcoming season opener against the Washington Nationals.

The team’s merchandise includes hats, shirts and pants for each team member, along with personalized mugs, hats and other apparel.

“If you’re looking for a jersey to wear with your jersey, you want to buy a baseball cap and go to a game,” Fung said.

The series of packages also include discounted tickets for events and other special events.

The discounted packages are limited to 500 tickets for each ticket purchased, with an additional 500 tickets available for $5,000 each.

The prices will be subject to change, but fans should be aware that there are some restrictions on the discounted packages, Fong explained.

The first season of the MLB Advanced Ticketing series starts in September.

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