How to get the cheapest ticket to Adventureland 2018

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Amtrak Tickets, DC Tickets, and DC Advantages article Amtrak is now offering free tickets to DC for the 2018 Adventureland theme park, as part of a deal that allows passengers to pay with their debit card, but also for a free ticket to the park.

The new promotion is only available to Amtrak and DC Metro-North ticketing service, so you’ll need to book through Amtrak and the D.C. Metro.

The promotion starts Thursday and runs through Monday, March 10.

Amtrak is offering the free tickets on all of the Amtrak routes that carry Amtrak, as well as some non-Amtrak lines.

You’ll need a valid Amtrak card to purchase the tickets, and the cards can only be used on and on a debit card that has a valid credit or debit card balance.

Amtrak is also offering the tickets to anyone who uses a DC Metro MetroCard and on the Blue Line MetroCard. 

Amtrak will be offering the discounted fares on Amtrak and Metro-Pacific lines. 

The promotion will only be available to those with valid Amtrak or Metro-West ticketing card and Amtrak ticket purchase on the DC Metro.

Amtrak says the promotion is valid on all Amtrak services, as they do not carry DC Metro services. 

Metro-North is offering free rides on all DC Metro service to and from the park, but not to or from the DC area. 

Tickets to the Adventureland park are not available to travelers traveling on Metro-South and Metro (or Amtrak) lines.

Metro-Northern and Metro/SEP trains will be limited to one free trip per day. 

To redeem the tickets you’ll first need to buy them through Amtrak or DC Metro on the Amtrak website.

Amtrak offers discounts on select Amtrak tickets as part for a number of reasons.

Amtrak has been trying to encourage travelers to buy their tickets through the Amtrak app and to pay in advance.

But that’s a complicated process that is not available through the DC metro. 

In addition to the free rides, Amtrak is offering discounted fare prices on some of the other rides at Adventureland.

For example, the DC-bound Metro-P train runs every 15 minutes between 8am and 8pm, but that train has a $2 discount on top of the normal fare price. 

You can also take a ride on the Metro-Blue Line Metro-Atlantic train, which runs every 30 minutes between 6am and 7pm and is $2 cheaper than the Metro Atlantic. 

For the free ride, you’ll also get a complimentary souvenir T-shirt, which you can purchase with a credit card, or a commemorative ticket. 

Free rides at the Adventurelands park are also available for those traveling on the Purple Line, Metro-Green Line, and Metro Green Line trains. 

DC Metro has also added a number to the discount for those with Metro-DC cards. 

All of the Metro DC line riders on Metro service will receive a complimentary ticket to DC-Newark Station. 

Advance ticket purchase will be available from all Amtrak service at the park for the ride, and those purchasing the discounted fare on Amtrak will be able to select a different fare to take. 

On the Blue and Green lines, Amtrak trains are limited to four people per train. 

D.C.-bound Metro Blue Line trains will have free ride on all routes and the Metro Green and Metro Purple Line lines.

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