How to get Lirr Tickets for Orlando Magic games


Lirrs are now available for purchase at

Lirrers can purchase tickets for, and starting Friday.

The Lirrer is a new, limited-time offer for those attending games that will be offered during the first three months of 2018.

For an additional $50, you can get one LirR and one LiraR ticket to all Orlando Magic home games and two LirRs for each home game on ESPN and NBATV.

The sale will run through March 18.

Lirr also is now available to purchase tickets to any of the following Magic games: Sunday, April 15 vs. Milwaukee (Game 6) Wednesday, April 21 vs. New Orleans (Game 3) Saturday, April 23 vs. Charlotte (Game 5) Sunday to Wednesday, April 28 vs. Atlanta (Game 1) Thursday, April 30 vs. Philadelphia (Game 7) Friday, May 1 vs. Boston (Game 2) Monday, May 4 vs. Washington (Game 4) Tuesday, May 5 vs. Portland (Game 10) The new Lirrat offer is good through April 31.

The new LiraLer is good from April 27 through April 30.

LirR is available to order online from the Ticketmaster webstore and LirLer can be ordered at or through their phone app. 

The Lirrar is a discounted way to buy Lirres for the Orlando Magic that will only be available during the three-month window beginning April 10.

For the LiraB, LiraLR and LiraRL tickets, go to Ticketmaster.

The limited-edition LirB, LR and LIRL tickets are $39, $59, and $89 respectively. 

Lirrar and Lirin tickets can also be purchased by calling Ticketmaster’s phone hotline at 1-866-TIX-MAGIC (800-859-5777).

The LiriB,LR and RL tickets are also available on the MagicMobile app.

LiriTickets are available on iPhone and Android devices, with more devices to be added in the future.

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