Why Texas may be the new battleground for Obamacare repeal


If you’re thinking of voting for the GOP in November, chances are you’re also thinking about the healthcare law, as the Senate is poised to vote on a healthcare overhaul measure Wednesday.

If the Senate succeeds in passing the legislation, it will mark the first time the House has taken up a major overhaul of the nation’s healthcare system since 1993, and it could become the first major legislative victory for President Donald Trump’s conservative agenda since the health care law’s passage in 2010.

But Democrats will be on the front lines, as they’re already working to undo some of the ACA’s most popular provisions, including its requirement that insurers cover preventive care, the requirement that people buy insurance or face a tax penalty, and the requirement to provide coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

The Senate is expected to vote along party lines on the measure, which would eliminate the tax penalties for those who do not have health insurance and expand Medicaid.

Democrats have vowed to use the bill to repeal the mandate that people get health insurance or pay a fine, and repeal of the mandate for people who don’t have insurance could be the largest victory for the ACA in the Senate, as it could push up the number of people who get health coverage.

However, the Senate bill could also face a tough time passing in the House, which has not been in sync with the president’s legislative agenda.

The GOP has been largely unified on the healthcare bill, as both the Senate and House passed similar versions.

In both chambers, Democrats have voted against the bill, and House Speaker Paul Ryan has said that he will not vote for it, but will be open to working with Democrats.

It’s possible that Ryan’s announcement could come as a surprise to some Republicans, who have been wary of any effort to dismantle the law or repeal parts of it, since Republicans have made repealing the law a key priority.

“The bill is the biggest step forward for the American people in terms of repealing and replacing the law, and I believe we should take that first step forward,” Ryan said.

Despite the lack of Republican support, House Republicans are expected to pass the healthcare overhaul bill.

The bill would be the first step in a broader effort to overhaul the ACA, which includes the overhaul of Medicaid and Medicare, a new rule aimed at expanding the eligibility for tax credits to help people buy private insurance.

Senate Republicans are also expected to take up the healthcare measure, according to the Associated Press.

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