When the Trump Rally gets a lot bigger: How the biltupsome biltup event is shaping up


By ANI ANI,NEW DELHI|An Indian-American woman, who is a regular attendee at the annual Donald Trump rally, says that she is “shocked” that the event is getting bigger and bigger every year.

“They have no idea how big this is going to get,” she said.

“I am shocked.”

The Trump Rally, which was held in Washington DC on May 12 and drew hundreds of thousands of people, was supposed to be the first in the country to focus on immigration.

This year, the event was also set to be held in New York City.

However, the US Supreme Court had ruled in June that the bidders in the Trump biltUp event were not able to pay the costs of hosting the event in New Delhi, where the event had been organised.

In response, the organisers, which are based in the US, have been setting up tents and holding events in other cities, which has been a source of embarrassment to the organisers.

On Monday, organisers of the event cancelled the event after the Supreme Court decision.