The Derby winners of 2016


It was the season of big things for Kentuckians who were lucky enough to get tickets to the Kentucky Derby on their own.

In fact, tickets for this year’s race sold out within hours.

The race was won by the United States at the start of May, so a huge amount of excitement and anticipation had been built up.

The US won the Derby by 1,817 points and the winners have been awarded a total of $7.4m (£4.8m) in prize money.

The winner will receive $1.1m (£1.02m) of the total, which will be divided among the participating runners.

However, with ticket sales down from the 2016 season and the race taking place at Wembley Stadium on a weekday afternoon, some fans were left out in the cold.

Some were able to secure their tickets to watch the race at home on their mobile devices but it’s unclear how many of them were able do so.

The ticket prices for the Derby on Sunday were:$19.50 for adults and $13.50 per childUnder 12: Free of charge, £7.50For children under 12: free of chargeChildren under 12 must be accompanied by an adult to enter and exit the stadium, and must be in attendance at the entrance.

Children aged 2-11: freeChildren aged 12-17: £3.50Children aged 18-24: £1.50£1.00£1 for each additional child (12-17) £1£1£3.00Children aged 20-24 & under: free*Children aged 25-49: £4.50*Tickets to the Derby can be bought online from the official Derby website, or from any of the official venues.

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