How to Get a Ticket for The Columbus Zoo’s ‘Polar Bear’ Ticket


A polar bear ticket has just been added to the Columbuses ticketing system, which is being used to promote a new ticket, The Washington Post reports.

The ticket, available online, gives a polar bear a chance to catch a glimpse of the zoo, the Times reports.

Tickets are priced at $19 and can be purchased online.

A polar bear can only see a polar exhibit if he or she has the ticket.

It also requires that the polar bear is in the enclosure with the other animals, which can take a few hours.

The polar bear must be in a room with other polar bears and other people who are wearing the polar exhibit costume.

The ticket can only be purchased on the day of the show.

The polar bear was one of several animals added to The Washington Times’ ticketing app, which was developed by a group of Boston residents.

The app is available for iOS and Android, but it is not available for Apple devices.

The Boston Police Department released a statement Wednesday that said it was “working to identify the source of the tickets,” which was the ticketing service of the Boston Zoo.

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