Chris Brown tickets sold at Brookfield Zoo ticket auction

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Chris Brown Tickets are selling at auction.

The rapper, who is battling drug addiction, is selling tickets to a show in Brookfield, Minnesota, on June 18 and 20, according to his manager, Mike Mascarenhas.

He sold more than 10,000 tickets for the June event, which features a performance by the band Rage Against The Machine, according a press release from the Minnesota Wild.

Mascarenhis company will pay the venue $50,000 for the sale, which will be made in the name of a nonprofit, according the release.

Museums will receive $25,000 in proceeds, and the concert will be broadcast on ESPN3, according Mascarelli.

He is also selling tickets for a show at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in Bloomington, Minnesota on June 17, according his company, Mascarantis.

Tickets for both shows are $10 and $15, respectively.

Fans can purchase tickets online at, by calling (855) 869-5247, or by visiting

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